Dimitris Merantzas

Born in Athens in 1967, where he currently lives and works.

He graduates, as Director of Photography, from Lycourgos Stavrakos’ Film and Television School.

Receives the Fantastic Film Award for directing “Doors”, at Drama Short Film Festival.

Receives distinction for his participation at Spyropoulos Foundation’s “Young Painters” contest.

Accepted unanimously as a member of the Chamber of Visual Arts of Greece.

Teaches at the University of Piraeus at the e-learning postgraduate program. "Reality and Imagination in Art"

First prize award in the open artistic competition co-organized by ATHENS VOICE and the Municipality of Athens, under the auspices of the "Greece 2021" Committee,
on the occasion of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

Solo Exhibitions

"Promenade", Installation, a.antonopoulou.art Gallery. Athens

"Seeking the Common Ground" is the title of an exhibition with a retrospective character (1993-2013) Curator: Megakles Rogakos. The Blender Gallery. Athens. Catalogue.

"Unknown heroes, Renown heroes", Installation, Elika Gallery. Athens.

April-May, “Intersections”, Dimitris Merantzas - Irfan Onurmen, “Reality is the informer of Imagination”, -" New Baghdad Museum " & "Terror Factory ". State Museum of Contemporary Art. Curated by Yannis Bolis. Thessaloniki. Catalogue.

“Reality is the informer of Imagination”
Tsatsis Projects, Thessaloniki.

Qbox gallery, Athens.

Andreas Vais - Dimitris Merantzas, “Spring ‘00”
Cheap Art space, Athens.

“Wine – Spirits”, in collaboration with Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre,
“Liberation Tools”.

Exhibition in two units: “Useful Three - Digit Numbers” and “Fantastic Signals”.
Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

“Good morning”. Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

Group Exhibitions (selected)


●“VANITAS. Stories of the hereafter”, MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art-Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and State Museum of Contemporary Art Collections. Curated by Yannis Bolis. Catalogue


●"Rembetiko", Municipal Art Gallery Athens, Curated by Christoforos Marinos. Catalogue.

●[Resilience / Compassion]*, Municipal Art Gallery Athens. Curated by: K.Koskina, E.Kyprianidou, M.Voreakou


●"The looking glass and through it" MISP - Museum of the 20th and 21st Century Art, Saint Petersburg, curators: ‎Afrodite Oikonomidou‎-Marina Jigarkhanyan. Catalogue.


●a.O. - b.c.*An audio-visual diary (*a.O. - b.c. = after Olympics - before crisis), ASKT-State of Concept. Edited by: V. Zioga, I. Karatza, M.A. Konomi, L. Markaki, I. Fokianaki. Catalogue.

●"Les Fleurs Du Mal", The Project Gallery, Curator: G. Bolis. Athena. Digital catalogue.


●“Quest for the holy grail” The Project Gallery, Curator: N.Giavropoulos. Athens. Digital catalogue.

●“Still Alive” The Project Gallery, Curator: Y.Bolis. Athens. Digital catalogue.

●BUNKER, “From the refuge of war to the 'refuge' of ideas” Curator: G.Georgakopoulos, Athens
Intersection, Athens


●“MEMORY OF THE REVOLUTION”. ASFA. Curator: Y.Bolis, Athens


●“Right to the Future”, MISP - Museum of the 20th and 21st Century Art, Saint Petersburg, curators: ‎Afrodite Oikonomidou‎-Marina Jigarkhanyan. Catalogue.

●"Shared Sacred Sites in the Balkans and the Mediterranean", Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Catalogue.

●"Artists in Athens - City of Crisis", Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin, curators: Heiner Legewie -Georg Eichinger. Catalogue.

●"THE MEMORY OF THE REVOLUTION", State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, curator: J.Bolis. Catalogue.

● 'Antiquidia' Dialogues with antiquity, a.antonopoulou.art Gallery. Athens, curator: A.Antonopoulou


● "TO EXPRESS THE FEELINGS OF A CHAIR WHEN WE SIT ON IT", The Office gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus. Curators: Christos Kyriakides, Antonis Minas


●"INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES", a special presentation of Dimitris Merantzas artworks. Exhibition of Tassos Gkekas private collection at Volks space, The Office gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

●“Art – Brussels 2015’’, The Office gallery, Nicosia, Catalogue.


●" Tradition – Reversal ", Collegium Artisticum, (in the frame of Winter Festival), curators: Katerina Koskina, Yannis Bolis, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Catalogue.


●" Transition", Municipal Art Gallery of Athens, curators: Yannis Bolis, Provo Principles, Athens. Catalogue.

●" Tradition – Reversal ", 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art.
Curators: Katerina Koskina - Yannis Bolis

●" The Cabinet" (from darkness to light), ReMap 2, International Platform for Contemporary Art.
Curators: Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Giorgos Tserionis, Andreas Voussouras.


● “Extraversion”
Sismanogleio Megaron, Istanbul.
Curator: J.Bolis. Catalogue.


● “Art Athina 2011”,
Elika gallery, Athens.


● “Art Athina 2010”,
Artbeat gallery, Brussels, Belgium. Catalogue.


● “Personal-Political”
2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art,
“Praxis: Art in time of uncertainty”.
Curators: Areti Leopoulou and Theodore Markoglou.

● “Unexpected expedition”
ReMap 2, International Platform for Contemporary Art.
Parallel program to the 2nd Athens Biennale “Heaven”.
Curator: George Tserionis.

● “The Mediterranean Olive Grove”
Olivepress. Art Factory, Dromonero, Crete.


● “Art and Nature”
Villa Kazouli, Athens. Curator: Yannis Bolis. Catalogue

● “Silent dialogues-Multimedia Portraits throughout time’’
The American College of Greece, Athens.
Curator: Megakles Rogakos. Catalogue.

● Art Athina 2008
In collaboration with Tsatsis Projects / Artforum. Athens


● “Visual Arts in Greece 2007”.
State Museum of Contemporary Art.
Thessaloniki. Curator: Haris Kambouridis.Catalogue.

● “Affinities. Flowers in Greek art 1880 – 2006”.
Show room Alpha Bank and National Gallery, Nafplion.
Curator: Eleni Kypraios. Catalogue

Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria.
Curators: G. & D.Georgakopoulos, F. Mouzakitis, C. Rupp, L.Seidler.

● “In-between earth and sky”
Tsatsis projects/Artforum, Thessaloniki.
Curator: Aris Stoidis.


● “Anathena”
Project Room, DESTE Foundation, Athens.
Curators: Marina Fokides and Marina Gioti.

● “Occasion for the basics”
Qbox gallery, Athens.

● “Time based arts”
Cultural Park of Agia Paraskevi.
Curator: Anna Hatzigiannaki.


● “Athens by Art”
Organized by AICA HELLAS and Municipality of Athens.
Participation’s overview by Efi Strousa.

● VideoDance04 Festival, Athens.
Curator: Christiana Galanopoulou.


● Small Group Show of Young Artists.
Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

● “Modernity – Project 2000”
Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio, Turin, Italy.
Curator: Efi Strousa.

Madrid International Exhibition in collaboration with
Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

● Art Athina 4
In collaboration with Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

His work is included in the Museum of the 20th and 21st Century Art of Saint Petersburg, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Municipal Art Gallery of Chania, American College collection, Dakis Joannou collection, Gregory Papadimitriou collection, Boutaris Wine Company, and other private collections.